MoccaMaster KBGT 741 Thermos Filter Coffee Machine


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Do you often brew 8 cups or less? Then we recommend the KBG Select with a glass jug, for an optimal coffee temperature.

The KBGT models of MoccaMaster are more recent additions to the range, but they may actually be our favourites. They have all the brewing quality and features of the originals, but they swap the glass jug and hot plate for an insulated thermos jug. This means that the coffee brews directly into a stainless-steel thermos jug and is kept warm without the need for an external heat source.

Keeping the coffee warm using insulation rather than heat application will preserve more flavour. This makes this version of the MoccaMaster a great choice for small offices or households that want to brew a pot of filter coffee to last the morning.

Take your jug with filter coffee anywhere you like! This thermos jug can keep the coffee warm for several hours when it is filled completely (10 cups). The thermos jug has two lids; one brewing lid and another lid for transport, closing the jug so you can bring it with you. The brewing lid has a mixing tube that ensures balanced coffee flavour and allows you to pour coffee without opening the lid.


  • Brews at 92-96ºC
  • Efficient copper heat element
  • Quick brew time
  • Can brew up to 1.25L
  • Comes with Stainless steel Thermos.
  • Thermos includes brew-through and travel lids
  • Float activated brew function switch
  • Brews in 5-6 minutes
  • Durable metal housing
  • Uses standard 1×4 Filters
  • Drip stop valve on filter basket
  • 9 hole spray head
  • Pulse pouring
  • Built with high-grade aluminium, BPA-Free plastic, and high-grade glass
  • Measurements W-D-H (mm): 325 x 170 x 355

We recommend that you preheat the thermos jug with hot water. Then the coffee will remain hot enough for up to 2 hours.



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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 17 × 32.5 × 35.5 cm

Black, Off White, Polished Silver


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